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Come 2 The Park & Play With Us

In Paisley Park

Come 2 The Park and Play With Us
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This community is for the sole purpose of Prince; whether that's news stories, concert stories, album details, album reviews, bootleg recording information (like date recorded, etc), just about any question, interactive experiences, etc etc blah blah and so on and so forth e pluribus unum.

The only real rule is respect.



1. Pics are welcome. Please put any large pic under a cut. (Learn how here.) If possible, post credits for photos.
2. When posting an article, include a direct link to the source, if possible.
3. Flamers and trolls will be warned once. Then banned the second time.
4. U can post in Princebonics if u wish, but just remember as difficult as it is 2 type sometimes, it's even harder 2 read, and usually good old English does the trick, u dig?
5. Have fun, and we'll make the rest up as we go along.

Flickr Prince CD Cover Group (that I am Administrator for.)
Flickr Prince Group

Also moderator for: cbsbigbrother10, cbsbigbrother11, cbsbigbrother