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The Final Tracks Picked For The Prince Best Of CD For My Man!
pop where has that hand been
popicn wrote in paisley_park
Ok I tried very hard to make just 15 songs to give my boyfriend to initiate him into the purple fold. I could not do it. So instead I made a two disc set of 30 songs. Here is the list:

Disc 1:
7 (acoustic version)
The Arms Of Orion
Annie Christian
Do Your Dance (KC's Remix)
The Truth
Dirty Mind
Somebody's Somebody
Gett Off (single mix)
17 Days

Disc 2:
Do U Lie?
Sometimes it Snows In April
Love U, But Don't trust U Anymore
Starfish And Coffee
There Is Lonely
Pink Cashmere (Reggae Mix)
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
My Computer
Uptown (Edit)
Sign O' The Times (Edit)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Edit)
Raspberry Beret (New Mix)
U Got The Look (Long Look)
Cream (N.P.G. Mix)

So what do you think of the tracks picked? I think it shows many of the things he has done and the songs I really love.

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(Deleted comment)
I put some of the edits on because i could not fit the fuller tracks on the cd to burn. Let me know when your list is up on itunes.

this is a mix that will surely baptise him in a purple light!
you are an awesome GF!!

Haaa GF? I'm an awesome BF! = )

ROCK ON once again!!
peace and be wild.

Hey i just peeped your info and you're made of teh awesome. Can i friend you?

Yes you can! Welcome aboard.

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