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Prince at Madison Square Garden last night
twitchhitter wrote in paisley_park
Not sure I can write a proper review because I was so busy enjoying the show...but here are some highlights and notes about the show last night:

- Larry Graham and Graham Central Station were really awesome...they got the crowd pumped up in a big way. Larry said the last time he'd played MSG was with Sly and the Family Stone.

- Prince and his band came out and jammed with them on the last tune, "I Want to Take You Higher." It was a nice moment. He was dressed in all dark colors with a tall hat...and yet, even though I know he's small, he looked SO tiny next to the Graham folks. Then I realized...

- Prince was in flats! In fact all night he wore flat shoes. No more heels! Either he's come to terms with his size or maybe it's the hip thing? Anyway that was kind of a surprise for me having seen him in heeled shoes and boots for so long. (I also think he may select the players in his band partly by size because differences in height were less noticeable during his show).

- I noticed two small mistakes throughout the night. At one point Prince said it was Friday night (it was Saturday) and he hit the wrong guitar chord at the beginning of one song (I can't remember which) and then quickly recovered. Another thing I noticed and had never seen at a Prince show: teleprompters. I guess when you have that many songs it would get difficult to remember all the lyrics. So I'm not judging at all - just thought it was interesting.

- Speaking of songs...the setlist was hugely different than the one posted above from the Jersey show. Here's the list which I pulled from another site but I believe to be accurate:

Welcome 2 America
Dance (Disco Heat)(Sylvester cover)
Baby I'm a Star
The Beautiful Ones
Let's Go Crazy
Raspberry Beret
Cool(The Time cover)
Let's Work
U Got the Look (with Sheila E.)
The Glamorous Life (with Sheila E.)
Nothing Compares 2 U
Purple Rain

Encore 2:
A Love Bizarre (with everyone)

- Sheila E. coming onstage was a huge highlight of the night. She arose onto the stage and had a full length dress on and, excuse my french, she looked fucking incredible. She looked like a stunning, sexy queen. As you can see above she played three songs with the band (Prince took a break during Glamorous Life). She had a set of toms and cymbals that she played during the main set. I noticed that one of the toms wasn't mic'd properly so we couldn't really hear it...annoying.

- I was surprised at the number of slower songs during the night - it was almost all upbeat with a few exceptions. We were on our feet dancing nearly the whole time. Purple Rain was amazing as always but if I can be critical it went a little long with outtro after outtro.

- A huge highlight of the night was Kiss. Unlike the Rolling Stone reviewed show Prince said "You don't have to watch Tavis Smiley to have an attitude." Yes Tavis was in the audience. Prince really showed his dancing skills at the end of Kiss, the man still has moves, even if he isn't doing quite the acrobatic stuff he used to. I wonder how much easier it is to dance in flats...

- Speaking of celebs, during A Love Bizarre (what a cool song to end with!) Prince called up all of the famous folks sitting in the VIP area to dance onstage. I'm sure I am missing a few: Questlove (who sat in on drums for about 60 seconds), Naomi Campbell, Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee, Whoopi Goldberg, Tavis Smiley, Sherri Sheppard (who you may recall from her embarrassing rant on the view, and who can really dance btw). It was kind of fun.

- There was a piano onstage but than man barely played it. Kind of too bad - but I guess it's there so he can pick and choose to use it based on whatever songs they play. I noticed the songs here are way different then those selected for the last show. Must be hard to choose and even harder for the band to learn all that material!

- I was really surprised at the amount of older songs he played - especially tunes that are on the sexier side. Overall the concert was really amazing, I'll never forget it :)


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